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Spooky Carnival
Despite Halloween being over and the crisp November air beginning to hit our faithful community, the Spooky Carnival has remained in town. With the goal of lifting the spirits of all - and allowing the real spirits some good ol' fashioned fun - the Spooky Carnival is open for all. Take a visit in the Haunted house, bob for some apples, or even get boo-zy off some 'spirits' - the Spooky Carnival has a little something for everyone. Just remember: you're in for a fright.
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Hello my dear friends and welcome to DAAM. I'm Evvie, the resident coding queen here on the site. This skin was made by me - so don't be too harsh about it lol. I'm 23 years old pursuing a graduate degree in English Education - which means I'll be teaching in high school or middle school English classrooms this time next year. Yikes. I have two cats - Luna and Shadow. Don't talk to me about cats or I will talk your ear of. I love lots of things so feel free to send me a message and I'm sure I'll freak out to you about something.
evvie "coding queen"
Hey, this is Heather your resident graphic creator. I'm currently twenty-four office desk jockey that's finishing her English degree. I love anything from Stranger Things, AHS, Van Helsing and The Good Place and multiple book series. I'm also really into mermaids. Feel free to PM if you have questions or just want to chat!
heather "graphics goddess"
Hello, I’m Clo your every day mermaid and dinosaur lover. My favorite creature is a Merdino (my second graders made it up last year)! I’m a teacher and lover of all things sci-fi and fantasy. I also have four puppies and two rats (who double as classroom pets) who I adore, if you want to hear about how awesome having unconventional pets are feel free to ask me! I don’t bite hard, so feel free to PM me to plot or just to chat!
clo "dinosaur mermaid"
Doe, here! Your resident bodyguard and #1 DAAM fan. I'm an illustrator, reptile lover and TV/movie buff. If you like having your ear talked off, ask me about sitcoms, HP and all things Stranger Things. Give me a shout if you need anything -- bad advice, gifs, or just a chat. I'm here to help any way that I can!
doe "the bodyguard"